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Saturday, 28 January 2012

My Dreams

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh
Dengan Nama Allah Yang Maha Pemurah Lagi Maha Pengasih

when i was young
i dreamed to have a happy family
but when reality hit me
the dream crushed

then i dreamed to have a complete family portrait
but when my mama's passed away
i knew the dream would never come true

when i was in primary school
even i was not study properly at school
but i've been known as a clever girl
i dreamed that i would be a very successful person in academic

when i was in high school
i took SPM without going to school
i studied by myself
and i had a good result
and my school awarded me "Anugerah Khas Pelajar Cemerlang"
i am so touched

for me
academics make me a better person
because people knew me as a bright girl
they always said, i will be a success in academics and my careers

Allah knows better

even i'm good in study
i'm good in academic
i guess that's not my destiny

my dreams are always to be a psychologist and lawyer
i love helping people
i want this world to be a better place

Allah knows better
maybe He wants me to help people in other ways

i dream to be a writer, an author
i love to write inspirational stories
i love to write true stories
i love to write my own experiences
i love to write every changes that we had in our lives

because i believe
a true story
can touch people's hearts
better than imagination story

i love inspirational stories
i want people to know
there's always hope
there's always opportunity
you just have to find it
feel it in your soul

i don't know where i will end up
but i just pray and trying my best
to live this life with my dreams

because i really believe in Allah

p/s: sorry if i have 'grammar errors" haha.



Saddila said...

ouhh akak ambik SPM kat rumah. bagusnya. jelous sekejap -_-

hara said...

whatever your dream is,
just go for it dear..

ijA said...

subhanallah..i want to try my best..do the best..

congratulation get anugerah khas..

Liselle MonCherie said...


There are many open windows for you,
Allah knows best :)

eLLa n aLia said...

Definitely, Allah know best for us..
And I'm believe on that too much..
Gudluck.. Keep your carrier as bright as in your dream..

Diyana Norman said...

wow... hope u will be successful one day my dear! pray a lot.

Nong Andy said...

can we share your dream? :)

Aqiim said...

hey, i always know that you love to write.. if that so, why don't you try to make a book? maybe you can tell about how you survive in your life.. or maybe you can write some inspirational stories.. or maybe something else..

don't you wanna try?
if you make a book, i'll make sure i'll buy it..

hihihi :P

Bilik Hijau said...

Wish you luck ... May your dream come true ...

emy zulaiha said...

may all ur dreams come true dear :)

Anonymous said...

sayang awak cinta..

~tanpa nama

apeXogamY said...

truely true :'D
gud luck for now and then,

Izan Ishak said...

insyaAllah... moga cita2 cik M akan tercapai ye... doa kak izan dari kejauhan...

qlah said...

kak nur ,

insyaAllah qlah akan sentiasa disamping akak , sokong akak :)

Choki said...

As Salam..Trust me Kak M you've inspired A LOT of people.And I'm always touched by ur writing here on your blog.Your late mother would be proud to know that her daughter here is an extraordinary person...Just like her ;-) Stay strong ye Kak M? :-D

maya amir said...

True dear..dont give up on miracle thing!

Iffah Afeefah said...

mnulis la dek

teruskan menulis

nway jemput la hantar karya ke warnakaseh

kat situ ade y menghargai karya kite

akk ske tulis cite bukan dr pengalamn

semutsengal said...

jalan tu Allah da sediakan, kita try nak cari jalan kita sendiri tapi sebenarnya dlm masa yg sama kita ikut jalan tuu,

#paham tak ?paham tak ?

♥e'in♥ said...

be strong ye adik.. :')

fierul said...

apa yang kita impikan sama .. :)
sy jga impikan keluarga yg sempurna yang bhgia tpi tak ksampaian ..

cuma skrg sy bharap sy dpt mbina keluarga y bhagia kelak ..

Queenie said...

may your dreams come true dear
all d best!

littledolphin said...

i want to be a writer too!

i hope your dreams come true.i'll definitely pray for your success ;D


Ahmad Sabree said...

like :) like :) like :)

mai said...

kak M, a dream sometimes can make us hurt a lot.. but be positive!it make us more stronger..:)..gonna miss you and your writing, sis..

Lady Windsor said...

You wanna be a writer? Ok I'll be there for you...trust me..u can..insyaAllah...let's pray for that..and don't forget to work for it too...

Original CikTeddy said...

so,ur dreams come true now..u inspire me.huhu

TwIstiEs*meSti Mau* said...

so,many-many error..syntax error terus..hahahaha..
hahaha..gurau2 jerr...



I Believe I Can Fly....

Aishah Jahirah said...

adik dah jumpa apa kelebihan adik yg boleh adk ketengahkan....akak doakan yg terbaik utk adik...insyallah adik akan berjaya...:)

.........cP~ said...

You can do it dear!

saffiya_aleesya @ echa said...

harap2 impian Cik M akan jadi nyata..walaupun apa yg kita mahukan tak tercapai semuanya atas sebab2 tertentu, anggap je itu ketentuan dr Allah asalkan kita berusaha untuk capai impian tu..

Dinas Aldi said...

Allah SWT itu Maha Mengetahui perjalanan hidup kita ni, dik :)

fany wany said...

Good luck!

Allah maha mengetahui segalanya :)

missSenget said...

nanti da terbitkn buku, sebarkn laa..

kitorang bagi support..!


eh..adik ni sgt bijak laa..!!

::WafaIrdina:: said...

i know u can achieve ur dream...
got it yaa dear...
n ur r gud in writing..
keep it up..
i olwez pray da best 4 u ..

HeNRieTTa JoSe said...

Go for it adik.....adik strong...adik bleh..

Pssss....suka erk cheese tart? Rietta demam, xde selera...macam macam larr dorg bilakan....masa shat xmo lak kasi...hehehe....

cik bulan said...

u can so it.yea..haha

p/s: im not in that field..but more..muahaha..^^'

eeiyss said...

yes... Allah noe better dear...
moga yang terbaik dalam kehidupan kamu...insyaALLAH

CekbOlat-bOlat said...

keep movin.. =)

and skrg bercita2 jdi housewife.. perghhh

Nisa Greennnpanda said...

U wish to be a writer? u truly should!!! and u are one, right now, hihi~...

whatever u write in this blog of yours have always been inspirational, dear.. that's why a lot of people come here, to be inspired.. (including me, hehe...) keep on writing & never give up.. this is ur passion & this is ur gift. ^_^

.fariizza. said...

Allah knows better :')

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