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Thursday, 6 June 2013


Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh
Dengan Nama Allah Yang Maha Pemurah Lagi Maha Penyayang

i was so dumbstruck.

right now, i couldn't think of anything.

it is so suffocating, till i feel i couldn't breathe anymore.

but i know, i will survive this obstacle again.

life knocked me down so many times, and right now life knocks me down to the very bottom of the earth.

i had a doubt that i can survive this time,
but you know, damaged people are dangerous,
because they know they can survive.
so i am.
i am one of those damaged people.
and i know i can survive.
i just need a time, to clear my mind and to think carefully what i should do and to let myself out from this misery.

maybe you can pray for me?
and for those who always pray for my goodness.
thank you very much.
we don't know each other,
yet all of you are still praying for my happiness.
thank you.

don't worry,
i will survive this life no matter what.
i will fight every obstacles till my last breathe.

and yeah, when those thing happened, i was so dumbstruck. i was so surprised till there's no emotion came onto my mind and heart.
and the word 'dumbstruck' just came into my mind after the moment i was unable to speak, to think, to cry, to laugh for my unfortunate life, because i was so damn surprised with everything that happened.
right now, i am zero in everything.

but i will survive and live anyway.



Nurzakiah Hanum said...


Queenie said...

heyy...aunty ada kat sini...:)

Badrina Ibtisam said...

Sabar okay..
I know you can face this.
stay strong,
go go akak, you must fight! <3

I pray the best for you. <3

CaDLyNN said...

ramai org sygkan M.. no worries k...

Amanina Mads said...

sabar k.. hidup memang penuh cabaran :)

reenapple said...

Stay alive dear. Please. :)

kay_are said...

dumbstruck tu mende? aku london ni certain word memang takreti tapi macam ngah tertekan je..hmm..

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