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Monday, 9 December 2013

If I Have A Family On My Own -part 2-

I don't even know when I started to have this daydream. Dreams to build and have a family on my own. But it's getting stronger every day. The vision makin lama makin clear.

I have the vision of laughters, tears and happiness. My dream family might dilanda guruh someday. But still I believe I and my future own family will get through any obstacles.

So, the second thing is, breakfast.
Yes! It's breakfast!
I just imagined myself, after solat subuh, wondering nak sediakan sarapan apa for my husband and kids.

I don't have many cooking skill. But still, I want to do something walaupun hanya buat roti bakar dan tuang orange juice dari kotak.
Atau sediakan cereal dengan susu. Ataupun nasi goreng.

Yes, I want to be a fulltime housewife and a part-time writer. (I still have my biggest passion in writing)

I don't remember the last time I ate breakfast with mama and brothers. Together. Tak ingat. Maybe pagi raya 2006? When I was just 15?
Our breakfast was my aunt's homemade juadah raya. I don't really remember.
Ah, this is sad. I don't remember what I ate on breakfast the last raya yang I sambut with my mama.
Okay, don’t panic. My memory couldn't simpan semua kenangan kan? But.. seriously. It is freaking me out. I don't remember!

Was it nasi impit and kuah kacang? Or nasi something something and lauk something something?

Okay, I hope the last raya that I will have with my dream complete family, nak tangkap gambar with the food as well. So, that's why I nak tangkap gambar banyak2. Supaya tak lupa. Supaya.. haih. And I didn't kept any diary about that too. Pity me.

It's okay.
So, the second part is breakfast.
I still remember makan breakfast berdua with my mom bila mama had no appointments. Or selalunya kitorang makan berdua masa aku ada appointment dengan doctors.

Breakfast is important you know.
It is morning and the start of the day. And I don't want to miss it if I could have my own family.

Hi, for those yang baru baca.
Welcome to my 'if' dream entries, if I have a family on my own.
I just realized, life is short. And I just might couldn't have all these with my future family..
Or I couldn't have this kind of family because you know, I am weird and I like to push everyone away when they come near me. :3

So, I decided to share my little secret dreams. Foolish anyway.
Because I am always a girl who steps on the ground. Its kinda too girlish and foolish for me to have these kind of dream.
But, dreaming doesn't hurt, right no?

I do have a dream untuk sediakan breakfast for my husband like this. On bed.

P/s: when the last time you have a breakfast with your whole family? Maybe you can start to have breakfast with them tomorrow morning or pagi sabtu. Remember, life is short. Cherish it. :)

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reenapple said...

Selalu breakfast after solat raya. :D

Breakfast on the bed? Sound sweet. :D

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