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Thursday, 20 August 2015

#np Loser - Big Bang

i'm a loser, a loner, 
a coward who pretends to be strong,
bad gangster

in the mirror, 
just a loser, loner
a jerk full of hurt, dirty rubbish

in the mirror, i'm a

honestly, i've never fitted in the world
to me who was alone, love was already forgotten
i've had enough of hopeful love songs
you or me are just sad pierrots
who play around inside a scenario just as it's drawn on the path
i came far away
i'm coming home
i want to go back to where i used to be in childhood

at some point
i started to look at the ground more than the sky
it's hard to even breathe
i reach out my hand but no one grabs it

at some point
i started to fear people staring at me
i'm sick of even crying
i smile, but no one even cares about me

i blame the blue sky
i sometimes want to put everything down
i wanna say goodbye
after the wandering of this path finishes
please, i hope i can close my eyes without regrets

i'm a loser
i'm a loser
i'm a loser

#np loser - big bang

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Pondok Usang said...

lama dah zehan tak update...

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